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Commitments of ZhenHua Oil:
To carry out all business activities in a healthy, safe and eco-friendly manner;
To abide by all laws and regulations of host country, and respect local customs and manners;
To actively fulfill social responsibilities, maintain healthy relationships with related parties, and cooperate in terms of health, safety and environmental management;
To reduce occupational hazards to the minimum, improve working conditions, and protect the physical and psychological health of employees;
To adopt internationally accepted good health, safety, and environmental protection practices;
To announce the Company’s performance in health, safety and environmental protection;
To cultivate the corporate cultures that encourage all employees to participate in health, safety and environmental protection;
To continuously improve the health, safety and environmental management performance, dedicate to protecting the ecology and environment and promote harmonious coexistence between human and nature.
A green environment is the responsibility of the oil company to the environment and the people it services. ZhenHua Oil is committed to achieving harmonious development between human beings and the environment with strict science backed management, energy saving and emission reduction practices...
ZhenHua Oil continuously follows and promotes new HSE management concepts, actively researches international HSE operation practices, introduces the standards of OGP and OSHA, strictly implements the safety management principle of “safety management is the priority of industrial regulation, business administration and production management” and establishes the safe production working system of “dual responsibilities and joint management”...
Our people
With “People First” as one of its core concepts, ZhenHua Oil employs in its operations and management teams of overseas projects. It strives for the perfect balance between the benefits of the Company and the employees’ interests, physical and psychological health...
Public Welfare
Socia Welfare
Kazakhstan KAM Oilfield supports and sponsors local social development...
Social Evaluation
KAM Oilfield in Kazakhstan
The KAM Oilfield always insists on operating the oilfield in a respons...