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Oil and Gas Acquisitions

ZhenHua Oil is a fast-growing international oil company which holds the continuous acquisition of overseas oil & gas projects to be its most important development strategy. ZhenHua Oil adheres to the policy of ‘developing oil & gas projects with oil projects as the focus, focusing on onshore projects with the support of offshore projects, and promoting the method of equity control with the support of equity participation’ with a focus on the strategic areas of the Middle East, Central Asia and Africa. At the same time it also considers opportunities in Southeast Asia and Latin America. ZhenHua Oil focuses on acquiring onshore producing oil and gas fields with sizable production and reserve scales. It adopts a flexible approach to acquisitions and appropriate operating models to obtain more high-quality overseas oil and gas resources.

ZhenHua Oil has established a comprehensive M&A team that is capable of completing new projects ranging from information acquisition, screening and evaluation through to negotiations, contract signing and closing. This has been made possible by: continuous enhancement of specialized marketing, technical and business capabilities; building a specialized information platform; new project acquisition procedures; construction of risk management and control systems.