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ZhenHua Oil is dedicated to building its own high quality scientific research team, whilst increasing cooperation with external researchers so as to form a technical support network. The final objective for ZhenHua Oil is to establish a technical support system with its own special features. The system will be controlled by ZhenHua Oil’s Chengdu Research Center and link technologies from geophysical exploration, well logging, geology and reservoirs to drilling engineering, oil production technology, surface gathering and transmission and economic evaluation. Each node and individual technology may be outsourced to highly effective, independent and flexible scientific research organizations and operating systems.

After years of practice and experience accumulation, ZhenHua Oil possesses professional technical capabilities in integrated geological reservoir research, preparation of exploration and development plans, special technological research, comprehensive production technology support, and rapid evaluation of new projects. It has gradually built a technical research, support and policy making team that covers all related disciplines, is highly proficient at conducting scientific research, is good at tackling practical challenges and is outstanding at internal innovation and outsourcing.