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ZhenHua Oil logo is composed of an oil-drop shaped linear pattern, its Chinese name “振华体育下注平台” and it’s English name “ZhenHua Oil”, which is short for China ZhenHua Oil Co., Ltd.. The logo’s colors are an important element that makes up this linear design.

The whole figure is in the shape of oil-drop, a hallmark of the oil industry. The logo integrates a “C” , standing for China, and an “O”, standing for Oil, and the flying ribbon extends from inside to out, symbolizing ZhenHua Oil’s sustainable development and strategic focus on overseas development. The ribbon also symbolizes service and perfectly reflects the Zhenhua Oil’s operating philosophy and pursuit of value.

The logo is simple, yet modern and dynamic, inspiring warmth and trustworthiness. The bright, passionate, dynamic red symbolizes the awesome power of energy and the vitality of ZhenHua Oil, while the calm and intelligent blue represents elements such as scientific and technological innovation and a high level of efficiency.

Both “振华体育下注平台” and “ZhenHua Oil” are names used by China ZhenHua Oil Co., Ltd. for marketing purposes.