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A green environment is the responsibility of the oil company to the environment and the people it services. ZhenHua Oil is committed to achieving harmonious development between human beings and the environment with strict science backed management, energy saving and emission reduction practices, and has achieved regional recognition for its efforts.

In Kazakhstan, KAM Oilfield, the Project Company entrusted a qualified third party professional company to legally treat the drilling fluid and rock debris through strict associated gas processing and formation injection. The company cleaned and disposed various industrial and domestic wastes in a timely manner, and has obtained the environment protection award granted by President Nazarbayev of Kazakhstan in 2013.

The Iraq Al-Ahdab Oilfield Project lists the construction of a “Green Oilfield” as an important factor in the project and employed a third party institute for an environmental impact evaluation. By these efforts, great achievements have been made in the construction of a green oilfield. Since the commission of the Project three years ago, there have been no accidents with environmental pollutants, which is highly praised by the environmental protection authority of Iraq.


The Chauk & Yenangyaung oilfields in Myanmar strictly implement environmental protection management systems and measures by international standards, with commitment to being an efficient and eco-friendly enterprise. They employ a professional consultant company to study environmental management plans and have customized an HSE system suitable for the oil industry in Myanmar based on the features of these oilfields. These systems and measures are highly praised by the local government of Myanmar.