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ZhenHua Oil continuously follows and promotes new Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) management concepts, actively researches international HSE operation practices, introduces relevant HSE management standards of OGP and OSHA, strictly implements the safety management principles of safety management is the priority of industrial regulation, business administration and production management, and establishes the Safe Production Working System of “same responsibility for the Party and Government, Dual Responsibilities and Joint Management”. Meanwhile, ZhenHua Oil establishes and continuously improves its HSE management system, actively provides thematic trainings, carries out safety inspections for workplace hazards, safety performance evaluations, and strives to create a safe culture for all employees.

The Kazakhstan KAM Oilfield has established and implemented the HSE management system with local laws and regulations as the over-arching principles, risk control as the core, and “a management manual, thirteen operation procedural documents, twenty safety management regulations, and 206 operation specifications” as the management frame. This system has effectively prevented and controlled the HSE risks and has maintained good HSE management record through proper training of staff safety values that improved staff skills and personal responsibility, and strict implementation of various HSE regulations and systems.

Considering the continuous and turbulent security situation in Iraq, Ahdab Oilfield Project has prepared sound HSE management regulations, and engaged a professional and international HSE management team. Focus has been placed on “standardized management, site and operation” led by typical demonstration to improve the HSSE management level of the oilfield and maintain excellent HSSE management performances.

In 2013, ZhenHua Oil undertook projects in Egypt and made a clear statement that “HSE is the foundation for the sustainable development of a company”. The company has implemented a sound HSE management system to identify safe production as its objectives, implement linear security responsibilities, actively organize safety training for all teams, and to vigorously build a safe environment for all personnel. As of December 2017, operation blocks controlled by the Project Company have had no major accidents for 1828 consecutive days and have been LTI FREE for a total of nine million working hours.

Since its establishment in 2010, Dalian North Oil Product Storage & Transportation Company, Ltd., has always adhered to the safe production policies of safety, prevention and comprehensive governance and gives top priority to safety. Following the safety management philosophies of: grasping main points level by level, breaking down practices properly to implement the system, and defining responsibility to reduce risks. The company detailed management measures, attached importance to function supervision, emphasized consistency of responsibility and authority, established comprehensive and safe production responsibilities, and has maintained excellent HSE performance.