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ZhenHua Oil defines its outline for training, based on its development strategy as follows: promoting the strategy implementation and improving employee quality and ability on the basis of key job needs; giving priority to major teams and disciplines and providing training by category to improve the employees’ professional capabilities; popularizing ZhenHua Oil’s culture for effective integration of military cultures and the spirit of the oil industry; setting up a learning-oriented organization and making innovation in training modules to create more learning and development opportunities, promoting the further career development, and bringing the fundamental and leading role of training into full effect, thus ensuring the sustainable development of ZhenHua Oil. 

Training goals:

1.To strengthen the three-level training implementation system, arouse the enthusiasm on all sides involved for effective interaction and promote the further and sustainable construction of the learning-oriented organization.

2.To provide proper training for the supervisors at all levels of ZhenHua Oil, implement the leadership promotion plan, and improve the business and leadership ability of middle and senior management personnel, with guaranteed sixty-hours training each year.  

3.To continuously improve the quality and ability of employees, and promote the construction of core competencies and improvement of all sections with an emphasis on job skills and work performance, with a guaranteed average thirty-hours training for employees each year.

4.To diversify the study platforms, optimize the learning mechanisms, enhance the guiding role of training on employee’s career development and promotion, improve the initiative of employees in study and increase the transformation efficiency from the trainings provided to working capacity